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New Orleans, LA

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The Sazerac House opened on October 2, 2019, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Housed in a historic building at the bustling corner of Magazine and Canal—just a short distance from the original 1850s-era Sazerac Coffee House—the new Sazerac House museum is a 20,000-square-foot multi-sensorial journey into the spirited culture of New Orleans. G&A partnered with the Sazerac Co. to create an experience that redefines what a brand, a drink, and a distillery can do when married with a historic city, a spirited culture, and an intoxicating story. G&A artfully integrates exhibit design, media and interactives with the historic architecture to trace the origins of cocktail culture back to it’s birthplace in New Orleans, when the first American cocktail was invented.

The Sazerac House is designed to tell the story of New Orleans' distinctive history and heritage through the lens of its illustrious cocktail scene.
Miguel Solorzano | Sazerac General Manager
Photo Credit: Alan Karchmer
Gallery Rendering by Gallagher & Associates
Photo Credit: G&A

The Cafe Culture interactive captures the Sazerac Coffee House circa 1902, one of the city’s top destinations. Coasters activate stories, drink recipes and introduce some of the establishment’s most famous bartenders—it’s a magical experience that gives people a taste of the celebrations once had. In the end, the coaster with a recipe on the back becomes a souvenir to take home.


Sit down, choose a drink, and enjoy a virtual cocktail mixed up by a master mixologist. From the Apothecary’s Royal Street Fizz to Miss Marie’s Gin & Tonic, visitors are invited to imbibe in one of New Orleans’ favorite past-times. Through their personal stories, mixing methods, and the balance of ingredients, you can’t help but feel inspired to try (or make!) something new.

Sophisticated Spirits: Virtual Bartenders
Sophisticated Spirits: Interactive Bar

This piece traces rum’s transformation from colonial-era swill to the fine, aged and blended spirit it is today. Utilizing the unique canvas of authentic rum barrels, the film showcases how the process of making rum has been perfected, the evolution of the spirit in popular culture, and how rum has been adapted for centuries to fit drinkers’ taste. 


The physical design of the experience is meant to celebrate all things Sazerac. The charred wood and barrel lids are evocative of the wooden barrels used to age whiskey. Botanical graphics give a nod to the ingredients that are used to create bitters. Intricate tile and metalwork give a nod to those old New Orleans bars where our favorite cocktails were created. The exhibits transport visitors to places where ingredients are harvested, liquor is created, and drinks are served.

Sazerac House reveals the little-known story of the company's New Orleans origins while celebrating the local cocktail culture and the art of craft distilling. This hybrid experience uniquely merges historic architecture, interactive media, immersive storytelling, and distillery production to create something completely new for the city. We could not be more proud to contribute to the cultural landscape of New Orleans.
Rob Malootian | G&A Project Creative Director
Sazerac House
New Orleans, LA
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