We do transformative experience design.


Essential and iconic.

As experts in our own craft, relentless curiosity fuels our passion for working with the best partners to build community experiences led by their profound stories.


Beloved and impactful.

Every project is driven by meaningful purpose that is shaped by the community stories we represent and the impact they bring to the visitors who experience them.

Every project, every phase.

Genuine interdisciplinary design means aligning to our partners to cultivate fluid experience design and development at every project level.

The relentless creatives who bring your vision to life.

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Alisa Zeljeznjak

Junior Integrated Producer

Amanda Mueller

Director, G&A Strategy

Andrew Walsh

Brand Designer

Andrew's staff photo

Anthony Dong

Head of Exhibition Design

Caitlin Zampieron

Integrated Producer

Calista Bohling

Graphic Designer

Calista's staff photo

Callie Hopkins

Content Strategist and Developer

Callie's staff photo

Carl Rhodes

Senior Exhibit Design Director

Carl's staff photo

Carrie Bruns

Graphic Designer

Carrie's staff photo

Christian Cabrera

Head of Visual and Graphic Design

Christian's staff photo

Clara Dorfi

Exhibit Designer

Clara's staff photo

Clare Brown

Creative Director

Clare's staff photo

Connor Wodynski

Junior Graphic Designer

Connor's staff photo

Dylan Lafferty

Junior Project Manager

Emily Rodgers

Exhibit Coordinator

Emily's staff photo

Emily Whitacre

Graphic Designer

Emily's staff photo

Emma Afrookteh

Junior Exhibit Designer

Evan Yang

Exhibit Designer

Evan's staff photo

Greg Matty

Design Director

Greg's staff photo

Gretchen Coss

SVP, Strategic Partnerships

Gretchen's staff photo

Grit Vltavsky

Senior Integrated Producer

Grit's staff photo

Hannah Chiarella

Graphic Designer

Hannah's staff photo

Hannah-Rae Ahlquist

Visual Designer


Ivonne Gutierrez

People Strategy and Development

Ivonne's staff photo

James Lide

Head of Interpretation and Content

James' staff photo

Jamie Rains

Design Director, Exhibits

Jamie's staff photo

Jason Gillman

Senior Exhibit Designer

Jason's staff photo

Jenny Parker Lilligren

Design Director, Graphics

Jenny's staff photo

Jessica Lautin

Director of Content Strategy

Jessica's staff photo

Jonathan Cohen

Head of Technology

Jon's staff photo

Jordan Albro

Senior Illustrator

Jordan's staff photo

Josh Hartley

Senior Graphic Designer

Josh's staff photo

Joshua Gallagher

Brand Director

Josh's staff photo

Kate Ross

Graphic Designer

Katherine McCauley

Content Developer

Katie Mancher

Graphic Designer

Katie's staff photo

Kelcey Mooney

Business Development Manager

Kubi Ackerman

Senior Content Strategist and Developer

Laura Conlin

Accounting Manager

Laurie Waxman

Visual Designer


Lisa Gorman


Liz Ponzio

Content Researcher

Liz's staff photo

Liza Rao

Studio Director

Liza's staff photo

Luobin Wang

Senior Creative Technologist

Luobin's staff photo

Mandi Mueller

Integrated Producer

Marijana Wotton

Senior Integrated Producer

Mary Olson

VP, G&A Consulting

Megan Lehner

People Planning Manager and Integrated Producer

Megan's staff photo

Michael G. Lewis

Executive Creative Director

Michael's staff photo

Mike Devine

Chief Strategy Officer

Mike's staff photo

Miri Rosen

Senior Content Developer and Strategist

Miri's staff photo

Morgan Schlesinger

Financial Analyst

Natalie Tschechaniuk

Senior Integrated Producer

Natalie's staff photo

Nicole Dvoskin

Director, People Strategy and Development


Noelle Palumbo

Producer, Film

Noelle's staff photo

Patrick Gallagher

President and Founder

Patrick's staff photo

Paul DeCamp

Systems Operations Manager and Senior Estimator

Paul's staff photo

Petr Spurney

SVP, G&A Strategy

Petr's staff photo

Rachel Burke


Richard Weir

VP of Production


Rob Malootian

Senior Exhibit Design Director

Rob's staff photo

Robert Bready

VP of Operations, G&A Strategy

Robert's staff photo

Robin Reid

Senior Integrated Producer

Robin's staff photo

Santosh Dhamat

Senior Exhibit Designer

Santosh's staff photo

Sarah Thompson

Director of Production

Sarah's staff photo

Scott Fyfe


Scott Wickstrom


A photograph of Scott Wickstrom

Shir David

Senior Motion Designer

Shir's staff photo

Sophia Mueller

Integrated Producer

Sophia's staff photo

Spencer Downey

Senior Financial Analyst

Spencer's staff photo

Stacey Peralta

Integrated Producer

Stephanie Land

Senior Integrated Producer

Sydney Rhodes

Coordination Manager

Sydney's staff photo

Taina Quiñones

Exhibit Coordinator

Tara O’Neill

Senior Graphic Designer

Tara's staff photo

Tom Byrne

Lead AV Designer

Tom's staff photo

Tyler Henry

Senior Creative Technologist

Tyler's staff photo

Udit Mahajan

Senior UX Designer

Udit's staff photo

Ursula Williams

Senior Integrated Producer

Valeriya Till

Senior Front End Web Developer

Val's staff photo

Vanessa Patchett

Head of Film

Vanessa's staff photo

Vassiana Alexieva

Senior Graphic Designer

Vassiana's staff photo

Viniyata Pany

Senior UX Designer


Weili Shi

Senior Creative Technologist

Zoë Bodzas

Coordinator, Business Development