St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum

The new Holocaust Museum offers visitors an opportunity to explore the history, lessons, and events of the Holocaust through a multi-media experience that transcends the boundaries of geography and time.
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Interactive exhibits engage people of all ages and backgrounds in understanding the human confrontation with hatred, the inherent vulnerability of democratic institutions, and the roles people adopt to survive— whether on a scale as significant as genocide or in daily life.

The space is designed to encourage both collaborative inquiry and exploration as well as individual reflection.
First-hand accounts from Holocaust survivors who settled in St. Louis ensure that we never lose the harsh but crucial reminder that freedom is fragile and our actions today create our community’s future.”
An immersive theater environment connects the local story with global histories.
A highly visual and modular exhibit design enables gallery spaces to flow between stories.
Throughout the exhibition galleries are composed of physical graphics, tactile artifacts, and interactive media.
Magical artifact cases engage the visitor through interactive lighting.
Visitors are asked to contribute their own reflections during the exhibition.
One of the greatest lessons of the Holocaust is that complicity was not inevitable. When people own and explore their choices and actions, they can move toward steps that aid and support their fellow human beings in the face of prejudice and violence.”


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