The Witte Museum

By utilizing the vast collections of the institution, we developed an integrated approach for innovative strategy for interpreting history, science, and culture.
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Witte atrium space
The Witte blends the beloved dioramas and historic collections of the Witte’s past with immersive spaces, multi-media films, and interactives.
The result is a captivating environment that tells the story of the True Texas, millions, thousands and hundreds of years ago to today.
Reinvigorating the beloved dioramas and historic collections was a big component of our vision for the space.
Visitors are welcome to explore the various regions of Texas where different fossils have been located, tracing back a sense of place through history.
Vivid media pieces transport visitors to five Texas rock art sites, where they can explore the visual details of the distinct drawings and learn about their meaning—all before the artwork at full scale.
Breathing life into fossils once again.
In the Dinosaur Lab, visitors can go on their own digital dig to learn about the paleontological sites, tools, and methods to help uncover prehistoric fossils.