Bell Museum of Natural History

A natural history museum of the future. The Bell Museum brings the University of Minnesota’s brilliant collection into a new light.
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The 92,000 square-foot facility encourages visitors to discover, document and understand life in its many forms and to inspire curiosity, delight and inform stewardship of the natural world.
The Bell is back and better than ever! And we could not have done it without G&A. We hope you take pride in your role in transforming our state natural history museum and consider it one of the most significant projects in your portfolio. We certainly see it that way!”
Denise Young | Executive Director, Bell Museum
The museum’s collection of classic Jaques dioramas are central to the storytelling design.
The Birth of Life film uses high resolution 3D animation and special effects, to deliver the powerful story of how life on earth began 3.5 billion years ago. It’s a dramatic foreshadowing into the next gallery that reveals the explosion and diversity of life.
Specifically designed low-light environments prepare visitors for their journey into the deep-space theatrical environment at the other end of the tunnel.
Ecological concepts such as species interactions, food webs, life cycles, successional change, and nutrient cycling illustrate how hidden connections sustain Minnesota’s biodiversity. 

Visitors explore the surprising interconnections between people, nature, and the environment while taking a journey through Minnesota’s 3 biomes—North Woods, Prairies & Savannas, and Big Woods & Big Rivers.

life in the universe gallery
Exhibits foster inclusion and a sense of personal engagement that inspires curiosity, delight and informed stewardship of the natural world.
Wayfinding and donor signage are fabricated using Richlite, a highly-sustainable material made from resin-infused recycled paper.
The signage program echoes the aesthetic and visual language of the architecture, while also respecting and delivering on the mission of igniting curiosity and wonder.
 The diversity of life and living connections in Minnesota is impressive considering the region was covered by a barren ice sheet only 16,000 years ago.


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