International Spy Museum

The Spy Museum is recognized for pioneering a new breed of self-sustaining, experience-first museums.
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Gallery in Spy Museum that features Mind Games exhibition.
Our intended visitor experience layers elements of exhibitions, media, retail, lobby, and graphics that push the boundaries of innovative storytelling and immersive design. 
Our vision for the Spy Museum invites the audience into a world of intrigue—a personal exploration that immerses visitors into the experience of living through a cover story. Through objects, immersion, light, and media, the visitor becomes the subject, and the exhibits become the stage.”
People begin their undercover mission in the Spies and Spy Masters Gallery where theatrical vignettes and walls of trade tools bring human intelligence stories to life.
Visitors begin their undercover mission in the Spies and Spy Masters Gallery.
From Morten Storm’s terrifying personal interview about his time with al Qaeda to the infamous Mata Hari and the revolutionary slave-turned-spy, James Armistead Lafayette; this serves as a dramatic entry into spy tradecraft.
“Red-Teaming” recreates the CIA’s process of pinpointing Osama bin Laden’s hiding place.
Using deductive reasoning, interactive gaming, soundscape, and film, it’s an exhilarating look at the real-life executive decision process.
Red Team interactive table view
The new Spy Museum is as intriguing and surprising as the stories it tells. From an infinity mirror room, reflecting the latest battlefield of Cyberspace—an infinite and undiscovered tool for spying today—to a recreation of West Berlin, the City of Spies—it pulls the visitor into the hidden world of espionage, layering real-life stories behind intelligence events of the past to the latest applications for spying today.”
analysis cog wheels reveal a message
Spy Cutouts
Much like the content itself, the design throughout the Spy Museum is just as elusive with surprising details hidden throughout the space.
“An Uncertain World” takes visitors back in time to some of the most infamous terrorist events that shaped world history.
A mirrored Infinity Room depicts the limitless expanse of cyberspace.  Bringing invisible concepts to light, this moment is a crowd favorite.

A completely re-imagined Museum, in a new purpose-built 140,000-square-foot state-of-the-art building—more than doubling its original size, expanding the limits, and expectations of what an institution can do.


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Lighting Design

Cortina Productions
Interactive Media and Films

Paul Rosenthal, History Associates
Script Writing


Kubik Maltbie

AV Integration

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